Monday, May 2, 2011

The basic about basics

Now that we have fast forwarded into winter, we realize that warmth and comfort are key to survive this cold. Comfort foods , comfortable clothes, comfort surroundings....what else beats sitting around a fire place on your Persian rug, sipping something warm, surrounded with loved ones and good company? This ‘comfort’ need led me to briefly share our 6 human needs on a physical level:
Certainty - too much of certainty can lead to boredom, rigidness and inflexibility.
Variety – to be kept in balance as too much, can be overwhelming.
Significance – to feel significant we have this tendency to distinguish ourselves.....most cases we get so carried away that we lose ourselves in the ‘me and I’ syndrome which further leads to feeling unconnected.
Love and connection – the need to feel too much love and connection could lead to co-dependence and lack of self esteem.
Growth – one of the highest needs, we all need this!
Contribution – one of the highest needs, YES!
Can you think of a situation right now which is not going very well.....can you check if your needs are being met in this situation?
Rank your needs in order of importance.
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  1. mmmmm - not to get caught up in "me/ I" - but was this perhaps for my benefit? ;)