Monday, April 4, 2011

Dressing the top half

Thought I would take you on my journey of dressing my top half with all of its flaws, after the age of 40!!First of all you have to lose the size label. SO there is no size 16 or 40. THere is judging with a naked eye and depending on cut and fabric I could still manage a size 36, maybe! So with my eye I can judge whether my size 36 DD boobs are going to be squashed or not. Most times Im sensitive about what the garment does to them, realizing lots of women pay to enlarge them to my size. Lucky for me after 5 kids of breastfeeding and I mean serious feeding.......they still able to talk to me, hello!!!!So if they sit pretty in a garment, Im good.

My next challenge is the neckline. Having adopted a modest style of dress and being the momma, the plunging neckline definetley a no-no. I find it tricky as have to get it just right, not too low, neither too high as Im not a nun after all. Now the funny part, what goes over the tummy? Nothing too fitted, else the muffin top starts showing, nothing loose else I might look like Im carrying the 6th and most unwanted child. The winner is everything cut on the bias, unstructured even uneven at the bottom can work. THis all deceives the eye as to the actual shape of the bodice.

No fancy sleeves, no bell sleeves, no sleeveless, no batwing, only a demure fitted three quarter or full sleeve.

And this is just dressing the top half????? Oh and did I mention, only natural and soft to the touch fabrics will do?

A few top ideas from Harem:

silk top R580
bamboo overtop R450

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