Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awake in February


I guess I’m always slow when it comes to understanding new year and all the hype that goes around it. Perhaps it’s the denial or the disbelief that time is indeed going by so fast……or it can be procrastination, laziness, not living in the now etcetera. Phew we can be so hard on ourselves!!! Does it matter, we are here now and hooray for that. Happy February everyone!!!!
Yes this is the day I choose to start throwing and sharing ideas on paper…..or is it called blogging? Ok well the last time I attempted this I was very busy with my coaching diploma and was inspired to share my insights and findings with all. Life then happened and a few months down the line, I have my very own clothing boutique called Harem. This is a meeting place for women to come and try all beautiful clothes and textures with jewellery handpicked from various places of the world.  So this time around, I am going to attempt to combine fashion and coaching. Why? We have evolved to a state where we realize that it’s not just about how we look but also about how we feel.

We all want happiness and contentment. Is it the latest LOUIS VITTON handbag that can make you happy or wearing a pair of sexy Manola Blahniks? What about an experience? A walk in the park or a hug from a long last friend………….? I need for you to grab a pen/paper and jot down 50 things that makes you happy. Do not think too long about it as it can be real simple like taking a hot bath, reading a book or cooking up a storm. Stick it up some place visible and start ticking each day……..enjoy!!
Now, what are you wearing in all of these states....? I have a section of my closet that houses my ‘happy clothes’ and another that houses my ‘stay in bed not up to facing the world today’ clothes. So today, I share one of my ‘happy clothes” item with you from Harem. It is a Vietnamese silk tunic/kaftan, so soft to the touch, in fuschia pink that makes me feel all girlish and covers all the sins. It can be belted, worn over drawstring pants and donned with lots of interesting jewellery pieces. So whether I go for a look of less is best or load it with accessories, it works either way and I am also expressing my state of mind!!! What does your ‘happy clothes’ look and feel like?

silk fuschia tunics @ R650 for online ordering

we explore 21 tips to more joy in our next blog.........

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